Bob Carried This in His Wallet


Bob always carried huge wads of cash in his wallet which he would giveaway to those in need with his words of wisdom about the blessings given by God. He carried this important saying in his wallet:

Money Will Buy:
A bed BUT NOT sleep.
Books BUT NOT brains.
Food BUT NOT appetite.
Finery BUT NOT beauty.
A house BUT NOT a home.
Medicine BUT NOT health.
Luxuries BUT NOT culture.
Amusement BUT NOT happiness.
A crucifix BUT NOT a Saviour.
A church pew BUT NOT heaven.
What money can’t buy
Jesus Christ can give freely without charge.
Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour?
If not, you can get a new lease on life right now.
Confess to God that you have sinned and
You want to turn from your sins to receive
Jesus as Lord of your life.
Through that step of believing faith
You can start life afresh with your sins
forgiven and a new life in Christ

Authored By: Geri

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