Bob & Jules

IMG_5637-4.jpeg IMG_9185-3.jpg IMG_9182-2.jpg IMG_9184-1.jpg IMG_9183-0.jpg

I love these pictures of Bob and Jules because it perfectly captures just how joyful Bob was every day. He never squandered a second of life, always looking for and focusing on the good.

Jules loved her time with him and learned all about the world from puppyhood (8 weeks) to 3 months when we moved to California. Whenever Jules saw Bob after that time, she would get so excited. Bob was a very special person to her and to all of us! I’ll never forget the makeshift dog toy made from a rope of this socks. She went WILD for playing tug with him with that thing! Last picture shows a game they invented where she would run circles around him as he swung a favorite toy around. Pure joy!

Authored By: Emily

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