Father’s Day Golfing

2013-FathersDayGolfing-Kat-1.jpg 2013-FathersDayGolfing-Girls-2.jpg 2013-FathersDayGolfing-Gang-3.jpg 2013-FathersDayGolfing-0.jpg

Bob often said this was the best father’s day ever! For this father’s day we all went golfing together, which was one of Bob’s favorite activities, and it was so much fun. We had a great time whacking our golf balls down the green, not taking the game too seriously. It was just a really great time together doing something that he loved so much! Great memories of this day, and it felt great giving Bob something that he really enjoyed – both the golf and the time together. Wish we could get in another game with you, Bob!

Authored By: Emily

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