Hiking Crowders Mountain


Great hike together as a family at the local mountain trail to Crowders peak in North Carolina!

I loved this selfie and I remember when I showed it to Bob, he said “Oh gawl, my mouth is hanging wide open!” but I kept it because it captures the happiness that Bob always had when we were together as a family. His children were always such a joy in his life. He told us many, many times about how great kids are with a not so subtle hint about wanting grandkids!

Many afternoons while I was staying with my mom and Bob, we used to load the adorable and stinky dog “Frodo” into the back of Bob’s blue truck and drive to crowders for an end of the day walk. I really appreciated this time together. It was great to get outside together and get a little exercise at the end of the day.

So many of the memories that I treasure with Bob are the daily ones – the ones that I don’t necessarily have pictures of. Some of these include catching him sneaking middle of the night snacks in the kitchen in Gastonia, going to the driving range together to help me with my golf game, and going to the YMCA every morning just the two of us. Miss you every day, Bob!

Authored By: Emily

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