Honoring Bob’s Military Service


Robert Reid Parks served in the military as a combat veteran in the Vietnam War from the very young age of eighteen. He survived the worst battle of that war, where there was only a survival of 13% of the entire Marine Delta 1-9 battalion of 800 men —- and even fewer combat veterans actually survived. In the week prior to his arrival in Vietnam, his battalion Delta 1-9 killed the son of Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam, and this leader targeted their battalion by naming them “The Walking Dead”. He sent 10,000 troops per day at them for many months. The area where the battles were fought are called “The Killing Fields of Cambodia”. As these Marine’s suffered so much loss in battle, the Walking Dead Delta 1-9 battalion call numbers are no longer used. Those who served, and especially those who survived, are very highly respected by all Marines. The bravery of the men and their battle tactics are studied one of the three exemplary battles of the Marine history as there was success despite overwhelming odds (the other two battles happened in World War I and World War II).

At the very middle and top of Vietnam Wall Memorial, the where the largest number of deaths happened in a short time period, there are the names of his buddies and in particular, the young man that sacrificed his life to protect him. Robert realized that only by the grace of God was he able to survive. He developed an unshakable faith. In battle, he was comforted by the words from the Bible, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil as thou art with me” from “The Lord is My Shepard” (Psalm 23:4).

Authored By: Geri

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